About Us

Illinois Notary Training and Seminars came about when we discovered there were very few quality-trained Illinois notaries public.  Becoming a notary public in Illinois does not require any specific education in order to be issued a commission.  Worst yet, there were no courses or teaching institutions in Illinois that offered notaries the training they so desperately need.  In addition, the landmark Vancura v Katris ruling in 2009 made notary errors a liability for employers.  Determined to provide these services to Illinois notaries, Roman Endeavors Inc embarked on a mission to ensure Illinois notaries are offered the opportunity to be properly trained and compliant with Illinois notary law.  

We are a small firm, offering professional, personalized and committed attention to all our projects.  Our commitment to the foundation and core values of Roman Endeavors makes our company and staff unique and are guaranteed to each and every client.  These core values are:
-preservation of client confidentiality
-professional cooperation
-unquestionable ethical behavior
-impeccable quality
-excellent customer service
-openness and responsiveness with a "neighbor" approach to our communities and customers
 Classes are taught by a reliable, certified, GBLA-compliant notary public with over 15 years of experience, and a BA degree in Communications from Northwestern University.  For more information about Roman Endeavors Inc, visit www.romanendeavors.com.

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