On-Line Webinars

Notary Public 101

This is a FREE informational class on how to become an Illinois Notary Public.  After this session, we can take you through the process to become an Illinois Notary Public (this is optional, and there are fees associated with becoming a Notary Public.)  You must register to take this course.  COMING SOON.

New Notary/Refresher Training 102

This training course is for new notaries, or notaries that have never had any previous training.  This course is offered in either a live training session or an on-line webinar.

We teach you how to properly execute the responsibilities of an Illinois Notary Public.

We offer informative instruction in a limited group setting to enable personalized attention to participants.

The course reviews the Illinois Notary Public policy and procedures, including guidelines as determined by the landmark Vancura v Katris ruling.

Interactive participation includes proper procedures for identity verification and distinguishing various notarial doccments needed to complete a notarization.

Seminar leaders are well versed and experienced with Illinois notary public responsibilities and the notarial process.  

NOTE: If you have taken this class in the past, you should NOT retake this class as a refresher course.  You need to take the Annual Notary Training 103 Course.

You must register to take this course.  COMING SOON.